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Camscanner  APK Premium Free Download Latest Version 2020 

Download  Camscanner  APK – latest  version  –  for Android  completely free. Take advantage of the full potential of  Camscanner  Premium to scan your documents and convert them to text!  

Tired of taking notes? 

Are you tired of taking notes or having to hand copy all those pages of books that the library won’t let you take home with you? The process of scanning the relevant pages of a book can be very difficult today that cannot be found anywhere else, but knowledge should be digitized and flow freely for humanity to progress! Don’t worry:  Camscanner has  your back.


With this app on your phone you will be able to photograph the pages of the books that interest you the most, and its algorithm will take care of accommodating the text for you and preparing it for reading through OCR. Easy, practical and very fast! You won’t even have to leave the library. 

What is  Camscanner ? 

Camscanner  is an app specialized in document scanning through the camera of your phone or your  tablet . With this app you can take one or more photos of all the pages of the documents you need to scan, and then its algorithm will process each photo to convert it into an easy-to-read and edit PDF document. It will contrast black on white so that you can see the letters better, it will align the lines of text so that all paragraphs are uniform even if the pages were crooked, and it will convert the visual text to digital format so that you can later select it, copy it and paste it without problems in any other program like Microsoft Word. And all this, completely free! 

Scan pages like there’s no tomorrow 

This app will allow you to create PDF files made up of as many pages as you have to scan. Do you need the first four chapters of a book? No problem. Start on the first page, open the book and shoot it with  Camscanner . Turn the page and repeat the process. Go to the next one and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


When you reach the last page of the fourth chapter, close the app process and  shall process  all scanned files  to merge them into a multi – page PDF, following the exact order they were taking photographs. In a matter of minutes, you will have the first four chapters of the book fully digitized on your smartphone! 

Optimize documents automatically 

Is the book yellowish and worn? There was little light in the library and the photos don’t look good? Didn’t the spine of the book allow it to be fully opened? Nothing happens! Camscanner will  automatically accentuate the contrast of black and white tones to emphasize the text,  and also adjust the angle of the lines to give you a PDF document with a high degree of uniformity that is more presentable and easier to read and scan.


Its algorithm improves more and more thanks to the intensive use that millions of people give to this app, scanning thousands and thousands of documents a day, so you can be sure that you will be able to scan your text in the best possible way! 

Prepare them for  copy- paste thanks to its powerful OCR 

Do you need to quote Noam Chomsky extensively for your thesis? Do not worry! Just scan the paragraphs you need to cite and let  Camscanner  handle them with its powerful OCR system. When you have finished processing everything, you will get a PDF file with all your texts in editable format, that is, you can select the text with the mouse and copy and paste it as you would with any Microsoft Word document.


As simple as that! It’s almost as if you could  copy- paste directly over the pages of the book that you had scanned in the first place. Imagine all the time this could save you! 

Scan documents downloaded from the internet 

You don’t have physical access to the documents you want to scan, but a friend of yours does? No problem. Ask him to send you the photos of the pages you need, and save them on your Android device. Camscanner  can work just as well with photos scanned from another device or downloaded from the internet, you don’t need to be in front of the physical book! Simply select the photos you want to scan from your gallery and let the app do the rest. 

Download  Camscanner  Mod APK Free for Mobile 2020 

Click the link below to download  Camscanner  APK Full Premium with all advanced options enabled so you can get the best out of the most sophisticated document scanning app for Android. And all this c ompletamente free! 

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