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FaceApp Pro apk, the fashion application again

FaceApp Pro apk is an application that is already more than three years old. More than enough time for a market as dynamic as that of mobile apps to be considered a veteran application.
Throughout all this time, she has had the opportunity to be trending a couple of times. The last one not so long ago thanks to its aging filter. And it is that the artificial intelligence that it applies offers truly amazing results.


Thus, not long ago the different social networks were flooded with photographs of users that showed how they would look as elderly. And you already know what happens in those cases, there is a domino effect.
Such was the uproar that a large number of celebrities, including musicians, footballers, actors and politicians, jumped to participate in the phenomenon. Suddenly, we all wanted to know and show the whole world how old we will be.

And with it came the scandal

The popularity of FaceApp was so great that scandal inevitably arose. Something similar to what has happened recently with the popular zoom video conferencing application.
Suddenly, the media around the world began to warn of the alleged dangers of using FaceApp. And yes, it is true, the app seems to abuse the permissions. Thus, its privacy policy is not excessively respectful of users’ privacy. However, and, unfortunately, it is neither the first, nor the only, nor will it be the last to do so. Rather, it is a fairly widespread practice.
In addition, the company strongly denied many of the claims.


In any case, more than 100,000,000 users have already downloaded FaceApp on their devices. Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the most popular applications for Android and iOS.

FaceApp, the application that makes you old and much more

FaceApp Pro apk reached its peak of popularity thanks to one of its many effects. And yes, we are not going to deny it, it is an effect that is incredible. It’s even scary! However, it is not the only one. The options it offers are many and varied. Without going any further, it also allows you to change your sex.


After all, the slogan of the popular app is: “Get magazine cover quality selfies with just a few taps!” And by faith it works. You can try it for yourself if you don’t believe us.

How does the application work?

The operation of the app is really very simple. To start, you have to take a selfie or use one that you already have in your mobile gallery. Or you can even use a photograph of another person.


You then select a filter or effect from the many available and artificial intelligence does the rest. Let’s look at some of the most popular effects and filters.
• Smile (there are two different types of smile effects available)
• Aging
• Change sex
• Rejuvenate a few years
• Change the background of the photo
• Add lighting effects
• Add makeup
• Change hair color
• Add glasses
• Put tattoos
• Smooth the face to remove blemishes
• Change the hairstyle
Also, if you want you can create animated GIFs and use them on your mobile. Or create collages with the photos. It seems clear that with FaceApps fun is more than assured.

FaceApp Pro apk : A simple and intuitive interface

One of the secrets of the success of FaceApp Pro apk is that it is a very easy to use app. The interface is really simple and intuitive. Even your grandfather can use it! Although, of course, he surely does not want to get older.
Once the photograph is selected, you go to the part of the interface where it shows you the capture. In the upper part, the preview of the photo is presented with the different effects that you apply.
In the menu, there are also two collage options, in case you want to create compositions with it. You can choose between two or four photos.


In addition, it allows you to directly share your compositions on different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. After all, the fun of modified photos is being able to show them to friends and family and have a laugh with them.
Of course, you can also save the photo in the internal memory of the mobile. It’s up to you!

Minimum requirements

The application only occupies 20 MB in the internal memory of your device, so it is quite light. It is compatible with Android 5.0 and later devices. And it is classified as PEGI 3, so it is practically for all audiences.

A free version and a paid version

As is usual with mobile applications, FaceApps offers a free version and a paid version. With the second you can access all the premium features, including removing the watermark. The paid version also frees you from annoying advertising.


The subscription options are the usual ones for this type of apps: monthly, yearly or for life. The cost varies between 1.99 euros and 49.99 euros.

FaceApps Pro APK

If you want to enjoy the fully unlocked app for free, you have to download the latest version of FaceApps APK. With the modified version, you get, among other things, the following:
• Access to the different paid functions
• Remove the ads
• Remove the watermark from the photos
Don’t think twice and download FaceApp APK full 2020 completely free to get started to retouch and play with your selfies. Share your retouched photos with your friends on social networks!

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