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Minecraft is like one of those construction games that you played when you were little. Of course, bigger, much bigger, as big as you want it to be. And with unlimited possibilities. It is a game in which you can build, modify or destroy any type of structure.

Minecraft is not just a building game. It is also a survival, exploration, adventure and even fighting game. And even, if you want, it’s a game of games. The only limit is your imagination and the time you want to dedicate.
And now it is available for your Android mobile.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The mobile version of Mojang’s title is called Minecraft: Pocket Edition and is priced at 9.99 euros. Although for those who want to try it before buying it, there is a free trial version. Of course, with many of the main functions blocked.

A very simple interface with amazing gameplay

Minecraft is developed at all times in the first person. The character can move around the world with total freedom. You can explore the world and, of course, transform it too. In this way, you can destroy, build or modify the structures to your liking using the available blocks. Ultimately, the building options are only limited by your creativity.


For starters, the interface is really simple. You only need a few minutes to get hold of it and start enjoying the game. In addition, the game itself has a simple tutorial that explains everything step by step.
At the bottom left of the screen you have the buttons with which you control the direction and with which you can jump. In addition, with your finger located on the right, you can rotate the camera view, and also place and destroy the blocks.
If Minecraft has any virtues and the truth is that it has many, that is its gameplay. And the Android version retains many of the keys to the great success of the PC and compatible version. So you can continue to enjoy a completely free world and a practically endless ability to create structures. And it is this feeling of freedom that will hook you and you will have hours glued to the mobile screen.

It is true, of course, that the number of blocks available is less than that available in the PC and console versions. However, it is still wide and varied enough that you can build and build and keep building. Rest assured that you will not get bored.

Minecraft graphic quality


There is no doubt that the graphic aspect is not the strongest point of Minecraft. However, neither can it be denied that the graphic part more than fulfills its mission.

Thus, Minecraft Android offers the classic Minecraft look, although, of course, with a slightly lower level of detail than the PC or console versions.

Game modes available in Minecraft PE Android


In Minecraft, there are three main game modes: Creative, Survival, and Adventure. Also, there are two configurable interfaces in the game: classic interface and mobile interface.
The creative mode puts the focus on free building, putting at your disposal an unlimited supply of blocks and objects. The possibilities, therefore, are almost endless. You can build from a simple house to an entire city, passing through castles, skyscrapers and much more.
In survival mode you have to survive the attacks of the different creatures that appear in the dark or when night falls. Get all MOD APK here.

The adventure mode, for its part, is focused on players who are dedicated to designing maps for users who wish to play online or individually. In this mode you can only break a block if you have the necessary tool for it.
In addition, it is possible to play the game in solo mode or in an online mode. With the latter, you can play online with up to eight players from different platforms. And it is that recently that the mobile version has made the leap to multiplatform gameplay.

Create, create and keep creating


In Minecraft you have to be clever and creative. You have to take advantage of your environment, collect building material around you and build with it. Think that if you can dream it, you can build it. Use Redstone powder to liven up your creations.
In that sense, it is an ideal title both to develop the imagination of the smallest and for a more adult audience.
In addition, you can take advantage of the creations of other users. Maps, skins, texture packs, minigames and much more are available in the game’s Marketplace or virtual store. Of course, purchases are made with the virtual currency of the game, the Minecoins.

There are different ways to get Minecoins. As you can imagine, one of them is investing real money. Another is marketing your creations. In fact, there are people who make their living this way.

Download Minecraft APK Mod – Everything Unlocked, Take Freedom To Its Highest

As we have seen, unlike many other games, Minecraft is not a free game. So it is not available to all players. And, unfortunately, many users cannot afford to buy it. If that is your case, there is an easy solution to enjoy the game fully unlocked, download the latest version of Minecraft APK.
Don’t think twice, download Minecraft APK for free and start exploring endless worlds. With the modified version you have free access to a large number of blocked functions.

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