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wattpad premium apk

Wattpad APK, a large community of readers and writers

Wattpad  opens a door for you to a large  online community  of  readers and writers . You can access it through the  app  for mobile devices  or  from your computer through its website. 


On Wattpad, you have at your disposal a large catalog of texts of all genres  and in multiple languages . Thus, you can find from novels to poems, through essays, plays, short stories and much more. And if writing is your thing, you can share your own texts so that other users can read them. 

It is especially popular with younger audiences, with many teenagers who find in it a way to read and share their stories.  

What are the main features of Wattpad?

The first thing you have to know about Wattpad  Android  is that it is a free application.  In addition, it is important to note that it has an extensive catalog of texts, which  you can read both when you are connected and when you are not. However, it must be clarified that in order to read a text offline you must have downloaded it before.   


One of the great successes of Wattpad is that it is very easy to use and that you will always have it at hand. After all, these days we use mobile phones for everything and that includes reading too.  

A social network of writers and readers

Wattpad not only gives you access to a large number of texts in multiple languages, it also works as a social network. Thus, you can follow your favorite authors, comment and vote on the chapters of their works, join user groups and participate in different contests. You can even send a direct message to your favorite writer if you want. 

Share your own texts on the platform

Wattpad allows you to share your own texts with the user community. In addition, it also gives you the possibility to accompany them with  gifs , animations, videos and  images . And, of course, you can do it for free. 

If you wish, you can also participate in  contests that take place every so often and that allow you to earn money and notoriety. One of the most prominent is the  annual contest  called  ” Watty Awards  “. 


 Of course , if you want your stories to be successful, it  is essential  that they are well written and that they  are  interesting for the different  users of the platform .  If your work is successful, it can appear among those recommended and more people will read it.   

Is it possible to make money on Wattpad?

These days, it’s not at all easy to make money writing stories and posting them on Wattpad. It is the platform itself that selects the authors who can participate in its monetization programs. And ultimately the income that this system brings is not too high. 

A wide catalog of works

According to estimates by the platform itself, 90% of its users are only readers. This is not surprising considering the extensive catalog that it makes available to its users.  Many of them are teenagers, as the application is very popular with the younger audience.  

In its catalog, you will find works by both recognized authors and unknown writers who are making their way into the world of literature. Most of the texts are uploaded by the authors themselves and are the result of self –  publications .  


In  the whole of their catalog  you can find works  of virtually  every  genre s  literary s . E l catalog  is organized  into a number of categories  among which include  action, adventure, poetry,  fantasy , non – fiction, all  and many more . Not only that , the published stories  can also  be  found thanks to  the different tags that are associated with each  work .     

In addition, the app itself   offers you recommendations based on your tastes and the works you have read previously. It also offers a selection of the most popular texts. In this way, you will never be short of new stories to read.  

In its catalog you will find free titles and others for payment, which you will be able to purchase with the application currency. Of course, first you have to acquire these coins by buying them with real money.  

Anyway, in general, in paid works, you can always read a small extract first. Thus, you will know if it is really worth investing in that work and in that author. 

A free application with advertising and with a premium version

Although it is a free application, the truth is that it has a premium version.  

Through  Wattpad premium , you can enjoy a better user experience as you get rid of ads. In addition, you can also access a theme of varied colors. And you also get access to certain bonuses.  also found mod apk here

The cost of the subscription is 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 euros per year.  


Anyway, if you prefer, you can always keep using the free version. Of course, it includes advertising , so don’t be surprised if a video skips  when you’ve been reading a novel by another user for a while .  

Wattpad APK mod, the best way to access the premium version for free

If you like to read and write, you like Wattpad. However, you may not be able to afford to pay for the premium version of the  app . Don’t worry, if you want to enjoy  the paid version of the application for free , now you can . You just have to download Wattpad  APK  mod .  

Don’t think twice and download the latest version of  Wattpad APK  mod for your Android device . 

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